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Notice of Termination: Your Rights and Requirements

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Introduction: One of the fundamental aspects of renting a property is understanding the process of termination, both from the tenant’s and landlord’s perspectives. When your landlord decides it’s time for you to vacate the premises, they must follow specific procedures. This guide will shed light on the crucial aspects of notice of termination, ensuring that you are well-informed about your rights and responsibilities.

What is a valid notice of termination? The law outlines the prerequisites for a valid notice of termination. It must be in writing (email correspondence is insufficient), signed by the landlord or their authorized representative, and include specific details:

  1. The termination date of the tenancy.
  2. Clarification that you have the entirety of the 24 hours on the termination date to vacate the property.
  3. The date of the notice itself.
  4. The reason for termination, particularly if the tenancy has lasted more than six months or is a fixed-term tenancy. (Note that tenancies in student-specific accommodation may not require this reason to be included.)
  5. An indication that any disputes regarding the notice’s validity or the landlord’s right to serve it must be referred to the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) within 90 days from receiving the notice. (This 90-day timeframe applies unless the tenant has breached their obligations.)

Your landlord may need to provide additional details and, in certain situations, a statutory declaration. The information below outlines the supplementary information required for specific termination reasons, and the RTB offers sample notices of termination for various scenarios.

If you want to dispute – Notice of Termination: Your Rights and Requirements, contact Residential Tenancies Board – http://Residential Tenancies Board

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  1. Hi I’m just wondering have the council the right to put me out of my mobile home with 4 children I’m on private property I lived with my parents then put a mobile home in there yard I’m living in this property all my life 29 years I’m on the housing list sence 2017 and stated when applying I lived I a mobile home in my parents garden. They have contacted me about about leaving but I feel I’m here long enough I should have the right to be left here especially with the housing crisis there me and my partner and my 4 girls living in this mobile home and no were else to go every thing here is temporarily structure nothing is permanent. I hope you can give some advice I’d really appreciate it please .

    1. Hi, unfortunately you do need planning to live in a mobile home on your own land, it is wrong considering the situation with housing

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