Private Tenants and the Path to Homeownership

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Imagine this: you’re a private tenant, and your landlord decides it’s time to part ways with your rented home. While change is in the air, did you know that you might have the chance to make that very place your permanent abode? It’s called the [First Right of Refusal](insert link here), a potential game-changer for tenants seeking homeownership. Though it’s not yet in effect pending legislation, your landlord can still sell you the property if they’re willing, and you have the means to make it yours.

Your landlord can still sell you the home you are renting, if they want to and you can afford to buy it. You can use the First Home Scheme and the Local Authority Home Loan to help with the cost of buying your rental home. These schemes have been adapted so people in this situation can access them.

Private tenants at risk of homelessness

If you can’t afford to buy your rental home, or you don’t want to buy it, the Housing Agency can buy the home and rent it to you. You can access this scheme if you are a private tenant who has received a notice of termination and you are at risk of homelessness because your landlord is selling. This is a temporary scheme known as the Cost Rental Tenant in Situ Scheme. You should contact your local authority about this scheme. They will assess what supports you qualify for and give your details to the Housing Agency, if this scheme is suitable for you.

Private Tenants and the Path to Homeownership

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