Notice of eviction

Notice to Leave your Rental Home

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When you’re renting a property, it’s important to be aware of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, especially when it comes to terminating your tenancy. This guide outlines the key information you need to know if your landlord wants you to leave your rented accommodation. These rules apply to various types of landlords, including private individuals, approved housing bodies, and those who offer student-specific accommodation.

Terminating a tenancy: If your landlord wishes to end your tenancy, they must provide you with a written notice of termination, and they must adhere to specific notice periods depending on the duration of your tenancy.

Notice of termination: Your landlord must serve you with a valid written notice of termination, which should include essential details such as the termination date, the reason for termination (if applicable), and more. Importantly, your landlord must also send a copy of this notice to the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) at the same time it’s sent to you. Failure to do so renders the notice invalid.

Notice periods: The length of the notice period required depends on the length of your tenancy, ranging from 90 days for tenancies of less than 6 months to 224 days for tenancies exceeding 8 years. These notice periods were established as of July 6, 2022.

Illegal eviction and overholding: Illegal eviction occurs when your landlord prevents you from accessing your rented property or removes your belongings without serving a valid notice of termination. Overholding refers to the situation where you remain in the property after the termination date specified in a valid notice of termination. Overholding is a breach of your tenancy agreement.

What if I can’t find alternative accommodation? If you’re struggling to find alternative accommodation after receiving a notice of termination, various organizations, such as Threshold or Focus Ireland, can provide advice and assistance. They can help you determine if your notice of termination is valid and guide you through the next steps.

Useful contacts:

  • Threshold: Provides guidance and assistance to tenants.
  • Residential Tenancies Board (RTB): Manages tenancy disputes and ensures compliance with tenancy regulations.
    • Address: PO Box 47, Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Ireland
    • Tel: 0818 303 037 or 01 702 8100
    • Website:

Remember that understanding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant is crucial when navigating the process of terminating a tenancy, and seeking advice from the appropriate organizations can be invaluable in these situations.

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