Child Benefit: Updates for Families

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Child Benefit, a vital support for families, is undergoing changes, particularly concerning when it’s paid and who it’s paid to. Here’s what you need to know: Child Benefit: Updates for Families

Amount and Payment Schedule: Child Benefit is a monthly payment of €140 per child, providing consistent support for families. It’s paid on the first Tuesday of each month, ensuring families have regular assistance with the costs of raising children. For new parents, Child Benefit for your newborn begins at the start of the month following their birth.

Extended Payment for Children in Full-Time Education: The significant update is for parents of children aged 18 to 19 who are still in full-time education. From May 2024 until their 19th birthday, Child Benefit payments will resume for these children. This means if your child remains in school or college after turning 18, you’ll start receiving Child Benefit again to help cover the expenses of their education and upbringing.

Note: No Back Pay for Children Turning 18 Before May 2024: It’s important to note that children who turned 18 before May 2024 will not receive back pay for missed Child Benefit payments. The reinstatement of payments applies only to children who turn 18 after May 2023 and continue in full-time education until their 19th birthday.

Application and Eligibility: To qualify for Child Benefit, you must reside in Ireland and meet the Habitual Residence Condition (HRC). Applying for Child Benefit within 12 months of significant events, such as the birth of your baby or your family’s relocation to Ireland, is crucial. Additionally, families with multiples receive an increased benefit rate to support their growing family.

Child Benefit: Updates for Families

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