Alert! Mid-Contract Increases in Broadband and Mobile Bills Incoming!

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Prepare for a wallet hit starting this Monday as several major telecom companies are gearing up to raise prices for broadband, mobile, and TV services. Alert! Mid-Contract Increases in Broadband and Mobile Bills Incoming!

Eir, Vodafone, Sky Ireland, and Three are all poised to hike up their monthly fees by €2 to €8, depending on your provider and plan. And if you’re a Virgin Media customer, brace yourself because they’re planning increases later in the year too.

What’s behind these price jumps? For customers of Eir, Vodafone, and Three, it’s all in the contract fine print. These companies are activating a clause that allows for annual fee increases. This time, they’re adding on a 7.6% increase, based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in January, plus an additional 3%.

While Eir has experienced rising costs and finds it necessary to pass some of them on to customers, Vodafone cites inflation and the need for network investment to maintain reliable service.

Although mid-contract price increases might seem like a new trend in Ireland, they’ve been creeping up since 2021, leaving consumers uneasy about unexpected bill hikes.

The telecom regulator, ComReg, has expressed concern about these increases, viewing them as a potential threat to consumer protection. However, they currently lack the authority to regulate prices, leaving consumers vulnerable to provider decisions.

So, if you’re currently locked into a contract with one of these providers, be prepared for a bump in your bill. And if you’re not pleased about it, it might be worth exploring other options to see if better deals are available elsewhere.

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Alert! Mid-Contract Increases in Broadband and Mobile Bills Incoming!

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