Funding to access EU Cross-Border Healthcare Directive

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Local credit unions play a pivotal role by offering loans to eligible patients embracing the cross-border scheme. These loans are repaid when patients receive their reimbursement from the HSE. The potential of credit unions supporting healthcare endeavors was vividly illustrated in an episode of RTE One’s The Borrowers. Funding to access EU Cross-Border Healthcare Directive

Thomas, for instance, secured a loan from Cara Credit Union Ltd. (Tralee) to travel to Belfast for a cataract operation, strategically avoiding extended waiting periods. This symbiotic arrangement ensures patients can navigate healthcare challenges without financial barriers.

While a substantial portion of credit union lending for the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive is directed towards treatments in Northern Ireland, credit unions remain open to loans for those requiring treatment beyond these borders. The flexibility extends to accommodating various loan amounts, ranging from modest sums to more substantial figures. Notably, some credit union members have availed loans exceeding €140,000 for specialized treatments, such as acquiring a bionic arm under the scheme.

In reassuring news, accessing treatments in Northern Ireland under the directive seems unaffected by Brexit, with both the British and Irish governments committed to preserving cross-border healthcare arrangements.

Navigating the Process: Your Path to Healthcare Support

  1. Eligibility Check:
    • Visit the HSE website to ensure you meet eligibility criteria and that your intended treatment is covered.
  2. Connect with Your Credit Union:
    • Reach out to your local credit union to explore the loan options they provide in alignment with the EU Cross-Border Healthcare Directive.

By harnessing the financial support extended by credit unions, individuals can embark on their healthcare journeys with confidence, knowing that funding hurdles are met with viable solutions. For detailed information about your local credit union and its offerings related to the scheme, refer to the details available on the HSE website. Your healthcare aspirations deserve unwavering financial support, and credit unions stand as reliable allies in this endeavor.

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Funding to access EU Cross-Border Healthcare Directive

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