A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Members!

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In October 2023, Whatsgoingonireland.ie embarked on a journey that transcended a mere passion project on TikTok. Today, as we stand on the cusp of a new year, the echoes of this venture have resonated far and wide, touching the lives of thousands. It has evolved into a vibrant community, a source of guidance, and a treasure trove of savings, all thanks to our incredible members. A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Members!

Every day, we are inundated with hundreds of comments, emails, and DMs, each message a testament to the impact Whatsgoingonireland.ie has made in your lives. Your enthusiasm and engagement have transformed this platform into more than just a website; it’s a dynamic hub where information meets generosity.

Our commitment to you goes beyond the digital realm. We’ve hosted giveaways totaling thousands of euros, created informative articles to empower you with knowledge, and shared exclusive discount codes to sweeten your deals. Your trust and support have fueled our determination to give back, and we’re just getting started.

As we step into 2024, brace yourselves for an even more enriched experience. We’re gearing up to bring you more advice, more savings, and a weekly newsletter filled with exclusive offers for our valued members. The heartbeat of our community is the €10 membership fee that opens the door to a world of benefits.

To our existing members, this is a heartfelt thank you! Your belief in us has been the driving force behind every endeavor. I am deeply grateful for the trust you’ve placed in Whatsgoingonireland.ie.

For those who have yet to join our community, now is the perfect moment to take the plunge. Becoming a member for just €10 for the entire year not only unlocks a treasure trove of savings but also supports the continuous flow of valuable information your way.

As we express our gratitude, let’s look forward to a year brimming with more opportunities to save, learn, and grow together. Thank you for being the heartbeat of Whatsgoingonireland.ie!

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A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Members!

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