Tax Changes in Budget 2024

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Budget 2024 brings notable changes in taxation that aim to impact the financial landscape for citizens across Ireland. Here’s a breakdown of the key tax updates: Tax Changes in Budget 2024

1. Universal Social Charge (USC) Reduction: Less Tax Burden

  • The lowest rate of USC will see a reduction, offering individuals and families relief from taxation.

2. Higher Tax Threshold: €42,000 Entry Point

  • Budget 2024 increases the entry point at which the higher rate of tax applies to €42,000, potentially reducing the tax liability for many.

3. Slight PRSI Increase: Supporting Social Programs

  • A slight increase in PRSI contributes to supporting essential social programs and services.

These tax changes reflect the government’s efforts to create a more balanced and equitable tax system while ensuring that essential services are adequately funded. As more details emerge, stay informed about Budget 2024 by following What’s Going On Ireland on TikTok and visiting whatsgoingonireland.ie throughout the day.

Budget 2024 Highlights: A Glimpse into the Future

While these are the highlights of Budget 2024 that we know so far, there may be more developments in store as the budget takes shape. Stay engaged with What’s Going On Ireland for the latest updates and insights into how these changes may impact your financial landscape.

Tax Changes in Budget 2024

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  1. What does a full time single worker get that lives alone. Working since I was 15 I’d be better on the dole. But I’d go crazy doing nothing

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