Face of Man Accused of Wielding Knife in Front of Terrified School Kids at Parnell Square

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Oisin Peavoy (38) is also accused of threatening a woman with her baby. Face of Man Accused of Wielding Knife in Front of Terrified School Kids at Parnell Square

In a deeply unsettling incident, schoolchildren in Dublin city center experienced terror as Oisin Peavoy (38) allegedly brandished a knife in front of their bus on Parnell Square. The children, some as young as six years old, screamed in fear, believing they were in mortal danger. The incident has sparked widespread concern and led to Peavoy’s arrest and subsequent court appearance.

HYSTERICAL schoolchildren screamed, “we’re going to die” when a knife-wielding man stood in front of their bus in Dublin city center, it is alleged. Gardaí said Oisin Peavoy (38) brandished the knife at the drivers of two busloads of children, one of which was leaving a creche in the Parnell Square area yesterday morning. He is also accused of threatening a woman with her baby while acting erratically in the incidents. Judge Gerard Jones remanded him in custody.

Initial Incident

The first incident reportedly took place at 8:42 am in Parnell Square. According to Detective Garda Paul Griffin, Peavoy was brandishing a knife and acting erratically in front of members of the public, including children aged six to twelve years old. The court heard that, “totally unprovoked,” he threatened a woman with her baby, telling her to “f**k off,” although he did not brandish the knife at her.

Following this, Peavoy allegedly blocked a coach full of children departing from a creche. He stood with his arms outstretched in an aggressive manner, holding the knife. The children on the bus observed the knife and became hysterical, with two shouting, “we’re going to die.”

Second Incident

Approximately 35 minutes later, Peavoy is accused of brandishing a knife again, this time to the driver of a separate bus full of schoolchildren on Gardiner Street. Detective Garda Griffin testified that Peavoy pointed to a knife in a sheath in his belt in an attempt to intimidate the bus driver, who, fearing for their safety, closed the door.

Court Proceedings

Mr. Peavoy, of Granby Row, Dublin 1, appeared before Judge Gerard Jones in Dublin District Court, charged with producing a knife and engaging in threatening, abusive, or insulting behavior on Parnell Square and Gardiner Street on May 28. The charges fall under the Firearms and Offensive Weapons and Public Order Acts.

Detective Garda Griffin arrested Peavoy at Mountjoy station and charged him at 9:56 pm. Peavoy responded to two of the counts with, “I object, I have evidence that is not true,” and to the others, he replied, “I object” and “This is the only one that is somewhat lawful.”

In court, Detective Garda Griffin handed in a black-handled knife as evidence, stating it had been in a sheath but was produced to members of the public. He outlined the allegations, describing Peavoy’s erratic behavior and the terror he caused among children and the general public.

Defense and Mental Health Concerns

A solicitor, Tracy Horan, mentioned that Peavoy’s family had asked her to represent him. However, Peavoy expressed his desire to represent himself, claiming that what had happened to him was “unlawful” and stating, “I don’t want a solicitor.” Judge Jones noted that he could not force a solicitor to legally represent Peavoy. Peavoy requested medical assistance from a general practitioner, which the judge recommended.

Judge Jones commended the Gardaí and the bus drivers for their actions during the incidents. He stated that Peavoy posed a danger to the public in his current state and remanded him in custody to appear again in Cloverhill District Court on June 5. The judge also directed that Peavoy receive medical assistance while in custody.

Public Reaction

The incidents have caused significant distress among the affected children and their families. The court’s decision to remand Peavoy in custody reflects the serious nature of the allegations and the potential risk he poses to public safety. As the case progresses, the focus will likely remain on ensuring the safety of the public and addressing the underlying issues that led to these alarming events. Face of Man Accused of Wielding Knife in Front of Terrified School Kids at Parnell Square

Oisin Peavoy is said to be linked to Irish freedom party, here is one such tweet mentioning the link “So the man arrested at Parnell Square who tried to knife children was not only Irish but has links to the Irish Freedom Party”

Face of Man Accused of Wielding Knife in Front of Terrified School Kids at Parnell Square

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