How Far-Right Agitators Manipulate Ireland’s Real Concerns

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The recent violent clashes in Newtownmountkennedy have highlighted a disturbing trend: far-right groups are increasingly manipulating genuine public concerns to foster fear, hate, and division in Irish society. These groups, often claiming to be patriotic defenders of Ireland, are in reality promoting a toxic agenda of racism and xenophobia, supported and amplified by international far-right figures. How Far-Right Agitators Manipulate Ireland’s Real Concerns

The Far-Right Agenda

Far-right groups in Ireland aim to sow discord and division by capitalizing on economic, social, and cultural anxieties. They often present themselves as protectors of national identity, claiming to safeguard Ireland from perceived threats posed by immigration and multiculturalism. Their ultimate goal is to gain political power by exploiting these fears, undermining democratic institutions, and destabilizing society.

Manipulating Real Fears

  1. Economic Insecurity: Many people are genuinely concerned about job security, housing shortages, and economic stability. Far-right agitators exploit these fears by falsely blaming immigrants for taking jobs and straining public services. This narrative is simplistic and misleading, but it resonates with those struggling to make ends meet.
  2. Cultural Identity: The rapid pace of globalization and social change has left some feeling that their cultural identity is under threat. Far-right groups stoke these fears, portraying immigrants and ethnic minorities as a threat to Irish culture and traditions. They ignore the rich history of Ireland’s own migrations and cultural exchanges, instead promoting a narrow and exclusionary view of national identity.
  3. Safety and Security: The far-right amplifies isolated incidents of crime involving immigrants to create a false perception that immigration leads to increased violence and disorder. This fear-mongering is particularly effective in communities that feel neglected or inadequately protected by the state.

Methods of Manipulation

Far-right groups use a variety of tactics to spread their message and radicalize individuals:

  1. Social Media Campaigns: Platforms like X (formerly Twitter) are inundated with anti-immigration posts. A Sky News Data & Forensics Unit investigation found that a significant portion of these posts originate from outside Ireland, particularly the US and the UK. High-profile figures such as Alex Jones and Tommy Robinson are frequently involved in these campaigns, lending credibility to the far-right’s agenda and broadening its reach.
  2. Online Threats and Violence: Extremists often resort to online intimidation, posting threats and glorifying violence. For instance, a former member of the Irish Defence Forces recently called for people to bear arms and expressed readiness to kill. Such rhetoric is designed to incite fear and provoke violent responses.
  3. Infiltrating Protests: Genuine local protests, like those seen in Newtownmountkennedy, are hijacked by far-right activists who incite violence and chaos. These agitators escalate tensions, turning peaceful demonstrations into battlegrounds, as seen with the vandalism and attacks on gardaí.

The Broader Implications

The activities of these far-right groups are not just a threat to public order but to the very fabric of Irish democracy. Politicians, such as Tánaiste Micheál Martin and Justice Minister Helen McEntee, have highlighted the growing militancy of these groups and their calls to overthrow the government as direct threats to the state’s security. The threat is not just theoretical; it is manifesting in violent acts and credible threats to politicians’ lives.


The rise of far-right extremism in Ireland is a clear and present danger, fueled by manipulation of genuine fears and supported by international actors. Addressing this threat requires a comprehensive approach that includes law enforcement, community engagement, and a robust defense of democratic values. As the country approaches a series of elections, it is crucial for the public to remain vigilant and resist the seductive narratives of hate and division propagated by these groups.

How Far-Right Agitators Manipulate Ireland’s Real Concerns

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