Address Point: Providing Access to Postal Services for those without a Fixed Address

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Address Point is like a helping hand for people without a home. It’s a free service from An Post that gives homeless or moving-around people a fixed address. In a world where getting mail and services is important, Address Point makes sure everyone has a fair chance.

At its heart, Address Point gives people a sense of belonging and stability by giving them a fixed address. This address lets them get important mail like letters and packages, which they need for things like finding jobs and staying connected with others. With Address Point, An Post helps people take control of their lives again.

Not only does Address Point help with getting mail, but it also helps people access important services like healthcare and benefits. This is a big step in helping people rebuild their lives. By giving them a fixed address, Address Point makes people feel like they’re part of society again.

But there are some rules to follow with Address Point. People need to show valid photo ID, like a Public Services Card or Driver’s License, to get their mail. Mail is kept for up to 20 days, so it’s important to pick it up in time. And if someone’s situation changes, they can update their Address Point address easily.

While Address Point is a big help, it’s not a proof of address document. This means people still face challenges in getting services and finding a stable place to live. We need to keep working to fix these challenges, along with helping services like Address Point.

In short, Address Point shows how kindness and community can help homeless people. By giving them a fixed address and access to services, An Post helps people get back on their feet. As we aim for a fairer world, Address Point reminds us of the difference small acts of kindness can make to those who need it most.

Address Point: Providing Access to Postal Services for those without a Fixed Address

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