Free GP Visit Cards

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If you’re not eligible for a medical card but wish to access free visits to a family doctor (GP), the GP visit card might be the solution. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you understand what a GP visit card entails, who can obtain it, the income limits, and how to apply. Free GP Visit Cards

What is a GP Visit Card?

A GP visit card provides free visits to participating family doctors (GPs). It is designed for those who do not qualify for a medical card but still seek affordable healthcare.

What Does a GP Visit Card Cover?

The GP visit card covers the cost of visits to your GP, including out-of-hours services. It also includes blood tests for diagnosis or monitoring. However, hospital charges are not covered, and prescribed drugs, while not free, may be eligible for coverage under the Drugs Payment Scheme.

Changes to GP Visit Card Eligibility in 2023

As of September and November 2023, the weekly income limits for GP visit cards have increased. Individuals who were previously ineligible may now qualify. Check the updated income limits below.

GP Visit Card Weekly Income Limits for People Under 70

  • Single person living alone: €418
  • Single person living with family: €373
  • Married or cohabiting couple (or lone parent with dependent children): €607


  • Allowance for each of the first 2 children aged under 16: €57
  • Allowance for 3rd and for each subsequent child under 16: €61.50
  • Allowance for each of the first 2 children aged over 16 (with no income): €58.50
  • Allowance for 3rd and for each subsequent child over 16 (with no income): €64
  • Each dependent over 16 years in full-time non-grant aided third-level education: €117

Allowable Expenses

Certain living expenses increase your weekly income limit, including childcare costs, rent, mortgage payments, and more. Allowable expenses aim to provide a more accurate representation of your financial situation.

Aged Over 70 with Dependents

If you’re over 70, you qualify for a GP visit card regardless of income. If you have dependents under 70, they may also qualify if the combined gross income falls within a specific range.

How to Apply for a GP Visit Card

If you’re under 70, the application process for a GP visit card is the same as for a medical card. Apply online on medicalcard.ie or download an application form and email it to pcrs.applications@hse.ie.

Understanding GP visit cards and their eligibility criteria empowers you to access essential healthcare services without compromising your financial well-being. Apply today to secure the benefits that a GP visit card offers.

Note: Additional details regarding the application process and more information on GP visit cards can be found on medicalcard.ie.

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Free GP Visit Cards

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