Things you can Claim Tax Relief for

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Claiming tax relief might seem daunting, but it’s easier than you think! Here’s a simple breakdown of what you can claim and how to do it: Things you can Claim Tax Relief for

1. Medical Expense Relief: You can get back 20% on most medical expenses, like GP visits, prescribed physiotherapy, and more. If you have health insurance covering some costs, you can apply for tax relief on the remaining balance.

2. Flat-Rate Expense Allowance: Workers in certain industries can claim a flat-rate allowance for job-related costs, from tools to uniforms. The allowance is the same for everyone in a specific occupation.

3. E-Worker Relief / Working from Home Relief: If you work from home, you can claim tax relief on expenses like electricity, heating, and broadband. The maximum you can claim is 30%, based on the number of days you worked from home.

4. Rent Tax Credit: Increased in 2022, this credit benefits renters, offering up to €750 a year for singles and €1,500 for married couples. You must be paying the rent yourself without rent supplemented

5. Tuition Fees: Get 20% tax relief on eligible third-level tuition fees, up to €7,000 per course per year. The relief applies to both part-time and full-time courses.

6. Home Carer Tax Credit: For stay-at-home carers, this €1,800 yearly credit can be claimed by married couples or civil partners. Some part-time work is allowed.

7. Age Tax Credit: Available once you or your spouse/civil partner turns 65, with amounts varying for single and married individuals.

8. Nursing Home Relief: Claim income tax relief on expenses paid for nursing home care, applicable at your highest income tax rate.

9. Diet Expense Relief for Coeliacs and Diabetics: Claim 20% tax relief on the cost of specialized food for coeliacs or diabetics, with a doctor’s diagnosis and recommendation.

How to Claim:

  • Keep copies of bills and expenses as proof.
  • For e-worker relief, get written confirmation from your employer.
  • Complete an income tax return on Revenue’s myAccount after the tax year ends.
  • Claim additional relief or credits in the ‘complete income tax return’ section.
  • Submit your form.

Your claim will be processed in about a week or two, and if successful, your refund will be credited directly to your bank account within three working days. It’s that simple! Remember to keep records for six years in case of an audit, and you can also upload receipts online during the claim process. Happy claiming!

Things you can Claim Tax Relief for

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