Turn your Annual Leave into 53 Days Off

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Embark on a journey to make the most out of your time in 2024 by strategically planning your days off. In this blog post, we unveil a meticulously crafted roadmap that leverages public holidays, annual leave, and smart scheduling to gift you an impressive 53 days of well-deserved relaxation and adventure. As we delve into the months of April, May, June, August, and December, discover how a strategic approach to your time off can transform your year into a tapestry of memorable experiences. Let’s unlock the art of maximizing your annual leave and celebrating the richness of life in the coming year. Turn your Annual Leave into 53 Days Off

Strategically Planned Days Off:

MonthDatesAnnual Leave DaysTotal Days Off
April1st – 12th816
May4th – 12th49
June6th – 15th49
August6th – 15th49
December21st – 31st512

Additional Public Holidays:

  • New Year’s Day: 1 day
  • St Brigid’s Day: 1 day
  • Saint Patrick’s Day: 1 day
  • October Bank Holiday: 1 day

Total Days Off (Based on 25 Days Annual Leave):

  • Strategically Planned Days Off: 49 days (inclusive of annual leave)
  • Additional Public Holidays: 4 days

Grand Total (Including Utilizing Public Holidays): 49 Strategically Planned Days Off + 4 Additional Public Holidays = 53 days off in 2024 (Based on 25 Days Annual Leave).

Turn your Annual Leave into 53 Days Off

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