For After I’ve Gone

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Introducing Joanne Begley, a compassionate soul hailing from County Clare, and the brilliant mind behind a groundbreaking series of self-help end-of-life journals titled “For After I’ve Gone.” In a world where discussions about death and dying are often reserved for moments of crisis, Joanne’s journals emerge as a beacon of foresight and healing.

“At times, things are left unsaid, especially when it comes to matters of the heart and the inevitable end of our journey,” says Joanne, who seeks to revolutionize the way we approach our final days. Her series of journals serves a dual purpose, offering solace and guidance to those departing from this world, whether due to illness or not. “For After I’ve Gone” becomes a poignant vessel for individuals to encapsulate their thoughts, memories, wishes, and advice for the loved ones they leave behind.

To purchase one of these books please visit https://www.forafterivegone.com/

Imagine the profound impact of picking up one of these journals and discovering the essence of a departed soul—a bucket list waiting to be fulfilled, a cherished recipe to recreate, or a heartfelt message echoing through the pages. The experience is nothing short of priceless, transcending the boundaries of time and space.

The series comprises four unique editions: “The Parent,” “The Sibling,” “The Friend,” and “The Partner.” Each edition is meticulously crafted with specific questions and prompts tailored to the dynamics of the relationships they represent. Joanne Begley’s creation becomes a sanctuary for all the unsaid words, encouraging individuals to share their stories now, ensuring that they echo through the ages, serving as a source of comfort and connection long after they are gone.

I’ll be offering these four books on What’s Going On Ireland to our valued members. Furthermore, an exclusive code will be shared, allowing everyone to join in this meaningful initiative and obtain their personal copies of these transformative journals. Joanne Begley’s work extends beyond a series of books; it’s an invitation for individuals to embrace life’s final chapters with grace, love, and the wisdom of leaving nothing unsaid.

To purchase one of these books please visit https://www.forafterivegone.com/

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