Ryanair Faces Backlash New Boarding Pass Rules

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Article Summary: Ryanair is under scrutiny as passengers who choose not to pay for reserved seats are now compelled to wait in airport queues for boarding passes. The airline quietly implemented this change without public notification, leading to widespread criticism. Ryanair Faces Backlash New Boarding Pass Rules

Previously, passengers without pre-purchased seats were randomly assigned during online check-in, followed by the generation of a boarding card for printing or online storage. However, the recent alteration requires passengers without seat reservations to queue at the airport for their boarding passes.

Reports indicate dissatisfaction among travelers, with one citing a 20-minute wait at Stansted Airport, having paid £180 for a Stansted to Dublin flight. Despite opting for a randomly assigned seat during online check-in, passengers are now informed at the end of the process that they must collect a printed boarding pass at the airport check-in desk.

Speculation has arisen about Ryanair’s motives behind the change, with suggestions of potential fees for boarding passes or an effort to encourage more passengers to pay for seat reservations. Ryanair has clarified that digital boarding passes remain free of charge, offering passengers the choice to pay for a reserved seat or opt for a randomly assigned seat at no cost.

The airline imposes fees ranging from €8-€21 for seat reservations, with higher charges for “legroom” seats situated at emergency exits or the front of the aircraft. Ryanair presents three fare options: basic, allowing one small on-board bag; regular, inclusive of a 10kg overhead storage bag; and plus, providing a 20kg check-in bag. Ryanair defends these additional fees, stating they are essential for maintaining overall low fares.

Ryanair Faces Backlash New Boarding Pass Rules

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