Airport Lifts Liquid Restrictions

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In a groundbreaking move to enhance passenger experience, Ireland West Airport has unveiled its new state-of-the-art cabin baggage screening system, now fully operational at the facility. This next-generation technology promises to revolutionize the security screening process, bidding farewell to the need for passengers to remove laptops and liquids from their cabin bags. Airport Lifts Liquid Restrictions

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Over the past two weeks, the airport installed two of these cutting-edge screening systems, marking a significant leap forward in the efficiency of security checks. With this innovative system in place, passengers can now leave liquids, gels, aerosols, creams, pastes, baby food, medicines, and special dietary products in their hand luggage, eliminating the hassle of separate presentations and the need for clear plastic bags.

The removal of the 100ml liquid restriction opens the door for travelers to carry larger quantities of liquids, provided they fit into their cabin bags. Additionally, electronic devices such as laptops and tablets can now remain in cabin bags, streamlining the process and reducing touchpoints, ultimately making the journey through security quicker and more convenient for passengers.

This transformative project, taking almost six months to complete, involved the installation of cutting-edge security scanners by Rhode and Schwarz, alongside EDS for Cabin Baggage C3 Xray technology by Smiths Detection, complete with an automated tray return system.

The introduction of this advanced system is part of Ireland West Airport’s €6 million investment in upgrading facilities this year. Beyond the security screening enhancements, this investment includes improvements to car parks, the opening of a new Sláinte Barista Café, upgrades to the Shopwest Departures Retail Shop, safety area works, sustainability initiatives, electrical infrastructure upgrades, the acquisition of a new fire tender vehicle, and extensions to the Fire Station building.

Managing Director Joe Gilmore expressed enthusiasm about the project, highlighting how the new screening system aligns with the airport’s commitment to a stress-free and enjoyable passenger experience. This forward-looking investment ensures that Ireland West Airport remains at the forefront of safety and security while enhancing facilities for the growing number of passengers passing through its gates.

Airport Lifts Liquid Restrictions

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