A Chilly Week Ahead with Status Yellow Warnings

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Ireland is in the icy grip of winter as Met Éireann issues a Status Yellow warning for low temperatures and treacherous ice conditions. Last night saw thermometers plummeting to -3°C in certain areas, creating a frosty landscape across the nation. 🌡️❄️ A Chilly Week Ahead with Status Yellow Warnings

Today’s Forecast: Winter Wonderland or Slippery Slope? 🚗🐾

Get ready for a bone-chilling day with frost and ice stubbornly holding on in many regions. While the picturesque scenes might evoke a winter wonderland, they also bring potential hazards on the roads and concerns for the well-being of our four-legged friends. 🚗🐾

Bundle Up for Another Frosty Night! 🌧️❄️

The cold spell isn’t easing up just yet. Tonight promises to be equally frigid, with outbreaks of rain and even some sleet expected, especially in the southwest and south. It’s a night to stay warm indoors or, if you venture out, be prepared for a wintry mix! 🌧️❄️

Foggy Situation Alert! Drive Safely. 🚗🚦

Adding to the weather mix, a Status Yellow fog warning is also in play until midday tomorrow. Dense fog blankets many areas, with some spots experiencing freezing fog. Stay safe on the roads – use those headlights and keep a safe distance. 🚗🚦

Arctic Airflow: A Frosty Week Ahead! 🥶❄️

Looking ahead, an arctic airflow is set to continue into the next week. Be prepared for sharp to severe frosts and icy stretches on roads and footpaths. Monday night, in particular, could see temperatures plummeting to around -4°C. Winter is making its presence felt! 🥶❄️

Stay Warm, Stay Safe, and Share a Cuddle! 🧤🚙 #WinterWeather #StayWarmIreland

A Chilly Week Ahead with Status Yellow Warnings

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