Track Santa

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The countdown to Christmas is here, and so is the excitement of tracking Santa Claus on his incredible journey. With the NORAD Tracks Santa website, the magic of Christmas comes to life for kids and families. Launched on December 1st, this annual tradition is the perfect way to spread warmth and joy during the holiday season. Track Santa

Discovering Santa’s Route

The Tracks Santa website employs the latest technology mixed with a touch of holiday wonder. On Christmas Eve, you can monitor Santa’s progress in real-time as he travels across the globe. The website utilizes radar, satellites, and special “Santa Cams” to keep you updated on Santa’s location.

Fun for All Ages – Track Santa

Children can follow Santa’s sleigh as it visits different countries, building excitement for his arrival. It’s an interactive experience that keeps the whole family engaged and eager for Christmas.

Countdown to Christmas

Leading up to Christmas, you can enjoy games, videos, music, and stories. These activities keep the holiday spirit alive and help kids learn more about Santa’s magical journey.

A chance to experience the wonder of Christmas through the eyes of a child and share in the excitement of Santa’s worldwide adventure. So, on December 1st, gather your loved ones, visit the NORAD Tracks Santa website, and prepare for a magical journey. It’s a beautiful way to create lasting memories with your family. Santa is on his way, and every moment is filled with magic!

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Track Santa

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