Electric Ireland Sparks Savings for Customers with Double Discount Delight

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In a move that electrifies the domestic energy landscape, Electric Ireland has taken a bold step by reducing its domestic electricity rates by 10% as of November 1st. The good news doesn’t stop there – new customers now have the opportunity to enjoy an additional 14% off, creating a double discount delight. Electric Ireland Sparks Savings for Customers with Double Discount Delight

Get the Discount : Home Electric + Saver 14%

For existing customers, the best available additional rate stands at 10%. However, this attractive rate is applicable to the standard meter, leading to substantial savings of 24% for new customers and a commendable 20% reduction for existing customers when compared to prices as of October 31, 2023.

The Breakdown of Savings:

  1. 10% Base Reduction: All customers, existing and new alike, benefit from the initial 10% reduction in domestic electric rates, providing an immediate relief on electricity bills.
  2. Additional 14% for New Customers: Fresh faces joining Electric Ireland’s customer base are in for a treat with an extra 14% off, making it an enticing offer for those considering a switch.
  3. 10% Best Additional Rate for Existing Customers: Existing customers aren’t left out either, as they can still enjoy a competitive 10% additional rate, ensuring continued value for their loyalty.
  4. Standard Meter Advantage: The 10% additional rate for existing customers is applicable specifically to the standard meter, enhancing the overall savings for those on this metering arrangement.

Comparing the Savings:

As of October 31, 2023, customers stand to save an impressive 24% and 20% on their electricity costs with the standard meter, setting Electric Ireland’s offering apart in the energy market.

Get the Discount : Home Electric + Saver 14%

Customer Benefits:

  • Immediate Cost Reduction: The 10% base reduction provides instant relief on electricity bills, easing the financial burden for all customers.
  • Double Discount for New Customers: Attracting new customers with an additional 14% off showcases Electric Ireland’s commitment to providing competitive and appealing deals.
  • Loyalty Rewarded: Existing customers can continue to enjoy significant savings with the 10% best additional rate, a gesture of appreciation for their loyalty, however it would be nice to see a saving on par with the saving offered to new customers
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Electric Ireland Sparks Savings for Customers with Double Discount Delight

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