Disturbing Reality: Alarming Rates of Child Sexual Attraction Revealed

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In a groundbreaking study by the University of NSW and Jesuit Social Services, the extent of child sexual abuse in Australia has been exposed, painting a deeply concerning picture. The comprehensive research, derived from a nationally representative survey of over 1900 men aged 18 to over 65, uncovers a series of unsettling revelations: Disturbing Reality: Alarming Rates of Child Sexual Attraction Revealed

  1. Magnitude of the Issue:
    • Shockingly, almost one in six Australian men (15.1%) admit to experiencing sexual feelings towards children and teenagers.
  2. Admission of Offenses:
    • Equally troubling is the acknowledgment from nearly one in 10 men (10.2%) who confess to having committed child sexual offenses, despite the majority remaining undetected by the legal system.
  3. Potential for Illicit Acts:
    • Disturbingly, one in 15 men openly admit they would engage in sexual contact with a child aged 14 or younger if they could do so without fear of discovery.
  4. Profile of Undetected Offenders:
    • Delving into the demographics, men with sexual feelings towards children were found to be more likely to be married, possess higher incomes, and work in professions involving children, creating a concerning paradox of apparent success and hidden criminal behavior.
  5. Online Presence:
    • Offenders demonstrated an increased likelihood of being active online, engaging in social media, encrypted apps, cryptocurrency, and consuming explicit content, revealing a correlation between their hidden behaviors and the digital landscape.
  6. Impact on Mental Health:
    • Despite outward appearances of success, these individuals reported higher levels of anxiety, depression, and binge drinking, along with a history of adverse childhood experiences.
  7. A First-of-Its-Kind Study:
    • This study is a groundbreaking first for Australia, focusing specifically on undetected offenders. The primary goal is to bring visibility to those in the community harming children without coming to the attention of the criminal justice system.
  8. Urgent Call to Action:
    • The study issues a compelling call for improved prevention strategies and early detection methods, recognizing the urgent need to address this pervasive issue affecting our society.

The research, funded by Westpac’s Safer Children, Safer Communities program, underscores the importance of understanding the complexities of child sexual abuse to better protect children in our community. Notable speakers, including eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant and former Australian of the Year Grace Tame, highlighted the sobering and distressing nature of the findings. The Australian Federal Police has committed to a thorough review of the research, emphasizing the critical role of technology in contemporary child sexual abuse.

This eye-opening study not only uncovers the disturbing reality but also underscores the imperative for collective action, ongoing research, and robust initiatives to safeguard the well-being of our children.

Disturbing Reality: Alarming Rates of Child Sexual Attraction Revealed

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Here is a link to the full study: World’s largest child sexual abuse perpetration prevalence study

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