Be Alert for Scams Amid Cost of Living Payments

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The Department of Social Protection is cautioning everyone about potential scams involving lump sums and double payments as part of measures introduced in Budget 2024. With significant payments, such as the €400 lump sum for those on Working Family Payment, set to roll out, there has been a surge in fraudulent texts and calls attempting to gather private information. Be Alert for Scams Amid Cost of Living Payments

It’s crucial to know that if you’re entitled to these payments, they will be automatically deposited—no need for additional applications. The department emphasizes that genuine communications will never request personal details through text messages.

The official statement on the Department of Social Protection’s website addresses the issue: “We are aware of fraudulent text messages claiming to be from the department. These texts will sometimes seek personal information or ask you to verify details, for example, for cost of living payments.”

Following the Budget 2024 announcement, there may be an uptick in fraudulent attempts, urging people to register for lump sums and double payments. The department reiterates that legitimate staff will never request such details via text.

If you receive a text claiming to be from the department, exercise caution. Do not engage and avoid sharing any part of your PPS number, bank account details, or personal information. In case you’ve already shared bank details, contact your bank immediately. If personal information has been disclosed, reach out to the gardaí promptly.

Stay vigilant, protect your information, and remember—legitimate payments will be automatically processed. Be wary of unsolicited messages and report any suspicious activity promptly to ensure a secure experience during these essential payments.

Be Alert for Scams Amid Cost of Living Payments

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