RTE Salary Caps at €250,000

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In a recent development, Minister for Media Catherine Martin has expressed support for RTE’s plan to cap salaries for all employees at €250,000, aligning with the current salary of Director General Kevin Bakhurst. The move is part of Bakhurst’s comprehensive cost-saving strategy, which also involves staff cuts of up to 400 over four years. RTE Salary Caps at €250,000

Bakhurst highlighted the detrimental impact of high salaries for RTE presenters, deeming it a “toxic” and “corrosive” issue for the broadcaster. The proposed measures aim to bring stability to the organization amid planned reforms.

Key points of the plan include the discontinuation of RTE’s digital stations and plus-one TV channels, technological upgrades, and increased reliance on independent productions. A budget cut of approximately €10 million is slated for the next year.

Minister Martin lauded Bakhurst’s plan as a “welcome renewed commitment” to public service broadcasting and cost efficiencies. She emphasized the principle that no one should earn more than the leader of an organization.

RTE faced a crisis earlier in the year when it was revealed that fees for the then-highest-paid earner, Ryan Tubridy, had not been accurately declared. Subsequent financial and governance issues contributed to a decline in TV license fee payments.

The government approved €56 million in funding, including €16 million for this year and an additional €40 million for the next year. Minister Martin outlined the establishment of a dedicated unit in her department to oversee the allocation of the €40 million, contingent on recommendations from expert advisory committees.

The release of the first tranche of €40 million is tied to progress on announced reforms, including the register of interests and external activities. The minister anticipates a decision on the future funding model for RTE early in the new year, with an open-minded approach to various options, including exchequer funding.

RTE Salary Caps at €250,000

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