Electric Ireland Admits Thousands of Customer Accounts Compromised

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In a startling revelation, energy supplier Electric Ireland has admitted to a significant data breach that could leave thousands of its customers exposed to potential financial peril. The breach stems from the improper actions of an employee working on behalf of the company, who may have inappropriately accessed around 8,000 residential customer accounts. Electric Ireland Admits Thousands of Customer Accounts Compromised

This unsettling development has raised concerns about the security of customers’ personal and financial information, which could now be in the wrong hands. Electric Ireland has taken immediate steps to address the situation, writing to all potentially affected customers to alert them to this grave issue.

The company has also provided detailed instructions to the impacted customers on how to safeguard themselves against the looming threat of financial fraud. Customers who have not received a letter from Electric Ireland need not take any immediate action.

Electric Ireland is treating this matter with utmost seriousness and has initiated an investigation into the breach. The company is closely collaborating with An Garda Síochána and the Data Protection Commissioner. Due to the sensitivity of the case, further details are being kept confidential.

With approximately 1.1 million customers, Electric Ireland acknowledges the gravity of this situation and the immense concern and inconvenience it may cause to those affected. For those who suspect any fraudulent activity related to the data they shared with Electric Ireland, the company urges direct contact to address their concerns promptly.

Electric Ireland Admits Thousands of Customer Accounts Compromised

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