50 things you can do to take the pressure off at Christmas

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  1. Cook any meat you fancy for the main meal.
  2. Buy a frozen turkey well in advance.
  3. Get things week by week to spread out the preparations.
  4. If you’re hosting, focus on the main meal and delegate other tasks.
  5. Ask someone else to bring the starters.
  6. Have someone else handle the dessert.
  7. Gift your time by helping others with tasks like cleaning or cutting hair.
  8. Consider doing a Secret Santa or Kris Kringle for gift-giving.
  9. Reach out to the St. Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) for assistance.
  10. Contact your local food bank to see if they can help with holiday meals.
  11. Shop at charity shops for unique and affordable gifts.
  12. Ask in community groups for items like bikes, scooters, or toys that are no longer used but in great condition.
  13. Reduce waste by being mindful of your consumption.
  14. Plan your Christmas budget in advance.
  15. Create a Christmas savings fund to avoid last-minute financial stress.
  16. Make a list of gift recipients and set a budget for each.
  17. Consider handmade or DIY gifts to save money.
  18. Shop for gifts online to save time and avoid crowds.
  19. Use reusable gift wrap or wrap gifts in a creative, eco-friendly way.
  20. Start your holiday shopping early to avoid the last-minute rush.
  21. Take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.
  22. Organize a potluck for holiday gatherings to share the cooking load.
  23. Choose easy-to-make recipes for your Christmas meal.
  24. Create a cooking schedule to manage your time in the kitchen.
  25. Prioritize spending quality time with loved ones over elaborate decorations.
  26. Consider virtual gatherings if you can’t be with family in person.
  27. Set boundaries for your commitments and prioritize self-care.
  28. Create a holiday playlist to set a festive atmosphere.
  29. Decorate your home gradually, not all at once.
  30. Use LED lights to save on energy and reduce your electricity bill.
  31. Opt for a smaller, more manageable Christmas tree.
  32. Reuse decorations from previous years.
  33. Simplify your holiday card list by sending e-cards or a family update via email or social media.
  34. Set clear expectations with your family and loved ones about gift exchanges.
  35. Give the gift of experiences, such as concert tickets or spa days.
  36. Consider regifting items that are still in good condition.
  37. Make a gift budget and stick to it.
  38. Use apps and websites to find the best deals and compare prices.
  39. Create a holiday schedule to plan activities and events.
  40. Prioritize rest and relaxation to reduce stress.
  41. Keep a list of emergency contacts handy for any unexpected situations.
  42. Prepare a backup meal in case of cooking mishaps.
  43. Organize a gift-wrapping station with all the supplies you need.
  44. Create a designated area for holiday storage to keep decorations organized.
  45. Don’t be afraid to say no to additional holiday commitments.
  46. Practice mindfulness and meditation to stay present and reduce anxiety.
  47. Focus on the meaning and values of Christmas rather than materialism.
  48. Reach out to friends and family for emotional support if needed.
  49. Make time for gratitude and reflection during the holiday season.
  50. Remember that it’s okay to ask for help and seek assistance from community resources.

These tips can help you enjoy a less stressful and more enjoyable Christmas season.

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