NCT-Style Testing for Your Property

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Threshold wants to make renting homes safer and better. They’re inspired by the National Car Testing (NCT) system for cars. Just like cars need to pass safety checks, Threshold wants houses to pass safety checks too. Let’s look at why this is important and how it might work. NCT-Style Testing for Your Property

Why It’s Needed

More and more people are worried about where they live. They’re saying their homes aren’t good enough. Problems like dampness, poor heating, and bad insulation can make people sick. But many renters are afraid to tell their landlords about these problems because they don’t want to lose their homes.

The NCT-Style Idea

Threshold suggests an NCT-style system for houses. Here’s how it could work:

  1. Home Check: Before renting out a property, landlords would have to get it checked by a qualified inspector.
  2. Safety Rules: The house must meet safety rules. For example, it should be safe to live in, with no big problems like bad heating or dampness.
  3. Pass or Fail: If the house passes the check, it gets a certificate saying it’s safe to live in. If it fails, the landlord has to fix the problems.
  4. Balancing Act: The rules might not be too strict, as we need enough homes to rent. We don’t want to make the housing shortage worse.

Why It’s a Good Idea

  1. Better Homes: This idea would make homes safer and better. No one should have to live in a bad house.
  2. Fewer Problems: If we check homes before renting, we’ll have fewer problems later on. That means less arguing and less need to go to a housing board.


Threshold’s NCT-style idea is about making sure everyone has a good place to live. It would check houses before people rent them, so they know they’re safe. But we need to be careful not to make the housing shortage worse by being too strict. This idea could make renting a home in Ireland better for everyone.

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NCT-Style Testing for Your Property

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