Double December Payments

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This December, Irish families and social welfare recipients have reason to celebrate. Two additional payments are set to brighten the holiday season: Double December Payments

1. Doubled Child Benefit: €140 to €280 per Child

Families will receive double the Child Benefit, increasing from €140 to €280 per child. This boost acknowledges the added expenses that come with the holiday season, offering extra support to parents and caregivers.

2. Double Social Welfare Payment

Social welfare recipients will enjoy a double payment, providing crucial financial assistance at the start of December. This timely support ensures that families and individuals have the resources they need for holiday preparations.

Early Arrival: Start of December

Both these payments will arrive at the beginning of December, allowing recipients to fully embrace the holiday spirit. Whether it’s for buying gifts, planning festive meals, or simply enjoying the season, these early payments alleviate financial stress.

Double December Payments

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