MyWelfare: Accessing Essential Services

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The goal of MyWelfare is to assist you in accessing the essential services you need, and you can log in with your MyGovID. and you can access the services available through MyWelfare.

Pathways to Work In this section, you’ll find services that will help you find work, upskill, retrain, or return to education.

Parents, Children, Family You can apply for family payments such as Maternity Benefit, Child Benefit, and more in this section.

Out of Work Payments Apply for Jobseeker’s Payments, make declarations for your casual (part-time) Jobseeker’s claim, or calculate how income affects your payment.

Health, Disability, Illness Apply for payments such as Illness Benefit, check your eligibility for Treatment Benefits, and more.

Accessing Public Services Apply for a Personal Public Service (PPS) Number or renew your Public Services Card.

Community Welfare Services Additional payments are available for people in exceptional circumstances where certain expenses cannot be met.

Pensions and Older People Pension services and payments are provided for those over 65 years old.

Statements, Refunds, and Repayments You can make repayments or apply for payment statements, contribution statements, or PRSI refunds in this section.

Calculators and Estimators Calculate how additional income may affect a payment or estimate potential redundancy payments.

Ukraine Supports Apply for the Accommodation Recognition Payment.

Change Your Payment Method Find out more about how to change your payment method.

MyWelfare Services Access MyWelfare services to get the support you need.

MyWelfare: Accessing Essential Services

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