Rent Notice Periods: What You Need to Know

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When it comes to ending a tenancy, the length of notice required varies depending on the duration of your tenancy. This crucial information can help both tenants and landlords plan for the future and ensure a smooth transition.

Here’s a breakdown of the notice periods based on the length of your tenancy:

Length of TenancyNotice Required by Landlord
Less than 6 months90 days
6 months or longer but less than 1 year152 days
1 year or longer but less than 7 years180 days
7 years or longer but less than 8 years196 days
More than 8 years224 days

It’s essential to note that these notice periods have been in effect since 6 July 2022, following changes introduced under the Regulation of Providers of Building Works and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2022. Being aware of the appropriate notice period can help tenants and landlords navigate the process of ending a tenancy with clarity and compliance.

For more detailed information on notice periods and other aspects of tenancy law, you can visit the relevant resource.

Rent Notice Periods

Exceptions to required notice periods

Not Keeping up with your Tenant Obligations

Not paying Rent

Renting a room in the landlords home

Rent Notice Periods details can be found on https://www.rtb.ie/

The RTB provides high-quality information and assistance to landlords, tenants and the public on their rental rights and responsibilities, both in terms of living in and providing accommodation in the rental sector. We also provide accurate and authoritative data on the rental sector, such as the Quarterly Rent Index, which allows us to monitor trends in the rental sector, but also allows individuals to check and compare rents in particular locations.

You may also contact Threshold – Threshold provides free, independent, confidential advice to anyone in Ireland with tenancy problems. https://threshold.ie/

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