Additional Needs Payment

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Life can sometimes throw unexpected expenses our way, leaving us in financial distress. That’s where the Additional Needs Payment comes in – a lifeline for those facing expenses that cannot be covered by their regular income. Apply Now

Tailored Support, Just When You Need It

The Additional Needs Payment is designed to provide you with financial assistance precisely when you need it most. The amount you can receive is determined by your unique circumstances and the nature of the assistance required. It’s a flexible solution that aims to ease the burden of various financial challenges.

When Can You Access the Additional Needs Payment?

Here are some situations in which you may be eligible for the Additional Needs Payment:

  1. Rising Fuel or Electricity Costs: As energy bills increase, this payment can help keep your home warm and well-lit.
  2. Essential Repairs: Whether it’s fixing your vehicle, repairing household appliances, or replacing worn-out furniture, this payment can come to the rescue.
  3. Funeral Costs: Dealing with the loss of a loved one is challenging enough; let the Additional Needs Payment ease the financial strain.
  4. Private Rented Accommodation: If you’re moving into a new rental property, the payment can help cover those initial deposits and expenses.
  5. Setting Up a New Home: Starting fresh in a new place? You can receive support for purchasing bedding and cooking utensils to make your new house a home.
  6. Emergency Events: If you’ve experienced a crisis like a fire or flood, the payment can assist with immediate needs like food, clothing, and shelter.
  7. Hospital Visits: Cover recurring travel expenses when visiting a relative in the hospital.
  8. Visiting Incarcerated Relatives: When visiting a loved one in prison, this payment can help ease the financial burden.

Remember, this list isn’t exhaustive; the Additional Needs Payment is here to assist with various unforeseen expenses that may arise in your life.

How to Access the Additional Needs Payment

If you find yourself in a situation where you need financial support for any of the reasons mentioned above, don’t hesitate to explore the Additional Needs Payment. Apply Now determine your eligibility.

Financial challenges can be overwhelming, but with the Additional Needs Payment, you don’t have to face them alone. It’s a helping hand, providing the relief you need when life takes an unexpected turn.

Additional Needs Payment

Weekly household income guidelines:

  • Single (no children) – weekly income €390
  • Couple (no children) – weekly income €490
  • 1 child – weekly income €591
  • 2 children – weekly income €692
  • 3 children – weekly income €793
  • Further information on income guidelines for larger households is available on

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