Extra Hour of Sleep as Clocks Go Back

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As winter approaches, the mornings are getting darker, and it’s time for the annual clock change in Ireland. This month, you can look forward to that extra hour of cozy sleep. Extra Hour of Sleep as Clocks Go Back

When Do the Clocks Go Back? On the last Sunday of October (October 29th), the clocks in Ireland will go back by one hour. This marks the official end of the extended daylight period for the year.

Why Do We Change the Clocks? The practice of changing the clocks, known as daylight saving time, is carried out in many countries to make better use of daylight during the longer days of summer. By setting the clocks forward in the spring and back in the autumn, we can enjoy more daylight in the evening when it’s useful. It’s a way to maximize energy efficiency and make the most of natural light.

What Time Does It Happen? The clocks went forward on the last Sunday of March, at 1am. Now, on the last Sunday in October, at 2am, they will go back by one hour. So, while you’re fast asleep, you’ll magically gain an extra hour.

As winter takes hold and the days get shorter, this time change is a small comfort, giving us a bit more daylight in the morning. Enjoy that extra hour of sleep, and prepare for the sun to set earlier as we move into December, with sunset happening at around 4pm.

Extra Hour of Sleep as Clocks Go Back

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